Monday, May 2, 2011

Test it! its that easy!

Long time since I posted? Yes. Busy? Yes. Anyways. This whole Osama bin Laden has really caused a stir amongst many people. Some of these people are rejoicing over bin Laden's death while others are mourning this man. I can't help but feel pity for him for being a wanted man for so long and not being able to show his face just anywyere for so long! However, many have made comments that cause people to question what justice is. This in itself isn't bad, however some people take it so far as to say maybe since Osama's "justice" might have been killing all those people. I have become more and more enamored with the Bible recently and have realized its strength and potency as a tool and rule as how to live. I find myself constantly thinking I should look in my concordance and see what the Bible says about this. As these comments keep popping up, I keep finding more need to do so. After much thought throughout the day, I have come to an extremely shaky conclusion that the Lord does not delight in the death of a human being (this part is not shaky) however he did mourn for the loss of so many people in 9/11 thus he saw what bin Laden did. I do know that he loves this man despite his misdeeds against Him and what He says in His Word the Bible. I also know however that the Lord's Justice is Mercy and Love. We must love Osama bin Laden and not celebrate his death since that is God's Justice despite bin Laden's massecre of thousands which to him was justice. I also know that we do not go on pure thought and reflection to learn what right and wrong are. I do know that God gave us His word the Bible to guide our lives so we can live with a clue of his standards. however, this is an extremely grey area because we are talking of the field of death which only God is an expert in. Thus, I believe one may be saved on his or her deathbed so Osama bin Laden may have comitted himself to the Lord before he died which leaves him in heaven despite all of the people dead and I do believe God would welcome him with open arms into heaven had the commitment been sincere.
On to what I've been noticing. Throughout the course of a couple months, especially during these last two days since Osama bin Laden's death, I've noticed that many people make unfounded opinions based upon their own strength and not God's. I've seen this in friends and some well known pastors. They will say something like the whole justice issue I mentioned earlier and other things also. I am constantly wondering why some of these things matter and other I am realizing these unfounded opinions can cause huge damage. however, I do not want to be a pharisee and declaim something true. So I've been testing more and more of what I've heard with the Bible. In Mark 4:24,25 the passage says: "Consider carefuly what you hear," He continued. "With the measure you use, it will be measured to you -- and even more. Whoever has will be given more ; whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him. My take on this is that we should be careful of what we hear. To not automatically accept it and just be happy campers for the rest of our lives.

I'd love to hear (or read) thoughts!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wash Me Over and Over Again

okay first of all I haven't posted in ages but what can I say? are you people surprised??? I didn't think so. Anyways so I've had this song idea for a while now and I finally found a Psalm that pretty much sums up what I've been thinking. Its Psalm 51 and its about when David was confronted by Nathan the prophet of that time about his whole Bathsheba ordeal. The reason I relate to this and want to write a song about it is because sometimes I do some things that are really stupid-like lying to get out of trouble. I do it alot and I don't even flinch about it anymore (I know thats horrible) but than when I go and tell God I'm sorry and ask Him for forgiveness for lying to my mom about telling my brother he's a brat, its so pointless if I'm not intending to stop myself the next time...when you apologize its like telling someone "I'm gonna stop doing this from now on." With me I always seem to forget that I told God I'm sorry and just remember that I've been forgiven. I know David only sinned with Bathsheba once, but I have some things that I just keep doing over and over and over again. The chorus that I've written is right out of Psalm 51.

Wash me
and cleanse my life
Shape me
from the chaos and the strife
Tune me
to your wonderful songs
Keep me
from where I don't belong

For me its a plea to God saying "Lord wash me and help me to stop doing the things I do over and over and over again. Lord shape me and make me everything You want me to be amidst the junk that there is in me. Lord tune me so that I can sing your praises and not be ashamed. Lord Keep me away from all the things I used to do, don't let me fall back into those traps." And so I find myself saying with my actions "Lord wash me and prepare to keep washing me over and over again." This is a really hard battle for me. I don't know about you, but the more I keep doing that one sin over and over again, the harder it is to stop.

P.S. I'll show you the finished song when I have it.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Using What I've Been Given

Okay I've totally been negligent with posting again I know no surprise.  But on Memorial Day my dad and I were running a couple errands for my mom and we got to talking about Jesus' parable of the talents.  I narrated it to him so we could both refresh our memories and then we discussed it.  It was really cool to be able to talk so openly about God's word with my dad.  Anyways I got to thinking about how Jesus' parable applies to our lives and came up with the partial answer that the talents that God have given us are things we need to use for His will.  And then I remembered that when the Master came back after entrusting the various amounts of money to all three of his servants, the servants that used their money and doubled it were richly rewarded and put in charge of much.  and then the third servant that buried his master's money was reprimanded because he didn't use his talents to multiply what the Master had.  I was thinking about this and wondered.  Am I using what God has given me--my time, my resources, my talents--for God's will?  What about you guys? 

My dog

Hey guys I just took some pictures of my dog with my cheap sunglasses.  You can check them out to the right.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Band Name

Well I'm actually able to consistently post again for a while hopefully until things start picking up for the summer.  Anyways I'm in a band and we're trying to find a really good, really meaningful name that is easy to remember.  So I'm asking you guys to either search the Bible or just think about good band names.  If one of you guys name our band, the person who names our band will receive a great prize that I'm still trying to think of.  As you come up with band names just leave a comment under this post no matter how long ago it is and even if I haven't posted in a while because I'll check that first when I get on my blogger.  Thanks and happy band naming!!!